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The source for this project is written in C#, and was designed in Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition. It is suggested you view the source code through this program, assuming you want to edit it.

The Risk II Save Editor is an open-source, Windows-based application written in C# that is designed specifically for editing Microprose's Risk II game saves. Using this application, you will be able almost fully edit the save files for this game. Included below are screenshots illustrating what you can do with this platform.

Main Window Edit
This is the main window. Legality checkers make sure everything you enter on this form won't crash the game.

Player Edit
This is the player edit window. From here, you can edit the players -- change their name, their color, whether they are computers or not, and edit their mission (as seen here) or capital, depending on which game style you are playing. If the player possesses Risk Cards, you can edit which Risk Cards they are holding.

Map Edit
This is the map edit window. From here, you can click on any territory and edit who owns the territory, as well as how many troops are located in that territory, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Territory Edit
This is a territory edit dialog, illustrating what would happen if you were to click on the Ukraine in the screenshot above (and then proceed to edit the number of troops).

Statistics Edit
Finally, this is the statistics edit window. From this, you are able to completely change the statistics of a game -- in a way, rewriting history.